We have identified a problem with TravelVu so that trips are not being logged as usual Saturday 05-06 November. The problem is being looked at by our technicians.

Update 7 nov 08:50:

Yesterday we have identified the root cause to be the storage of incoming data that reached a capacity constraint of the database and performed tests of migrations that would solve the issue. Due to the size of the storage, and the type of issue, mitigating the issue do take some time.

Starting at 06:50 today, access to the server from apps has been brought down to perform live migration of the storage. During this time the app will fail to show your past trips in the app. Once migration is completed, you will regain access to your data and we will be able to re-enable processing of new data.

Update 7 nov 16:13:

Our systems are now up and running again. We will keep an extra eye on it to see that it works as normal.

We are aware that for some users, trips uploaded between Sunday 5 November ~10:52 (CET) and Monday 6 November ~11:34 (CET) may unfortunately be lost. Our systems are designed so that if the server goes down (or phone goes offline), data should be retained on the phones, but there was an issue with this protection during this incident which unfortunately means some trips uploaded during this limited time frame are lost. This is the first time since our services started we have a data loss and we are sorry for it to happen and will do our best to avoid it in the future.

We also want to thank our users for patience during this incident.