TravelVu 2.8 - released 24 March 2023 Imprimer

Modifié le : Lun, 28 Août, 2023 à 7:25 H


In this version the following changes/fixes where made to TravelVu and ActiveTravel:

  • The QR reader to join a survey was fixed (was broken in 2.7 where it was still possible to join surveys by use of selecting from the list and entering the password if the survey had one)
  • Questionnaires now support showing images to respondents
  • The help menu has been rearranged a bit.

In ActiveTravel these additional changes was also made:

  • Support for showing tips to the end users of a survey. For example guide them to local bike and car pools. 
  • Support for showing a button linking to a web form where users can provide feedback to their employer.

2.8.2 update - released 13 june 2023 (Active Travel only)

  • Support for receiving suggestions on alternative travel options

2.8.3 update - released 23 august 2023

  • Improved support for new Android and iOS versions

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