If you have changed time zones during the survey it may be useful to know that all times/dates displayed in the app are based on your current time zone.


A survey starts in Central European Summer Time (CEST), but after a few days the time zone changes to Central European Time (CET).

You open the app now that the clock was changed one hour back. The time information for trips collected after the time change is correct. For trips that started before the time change, the displayed time will be one hour earlier. For example, if you walked to work at 7 AM before the time change, the app will show 6 AM after the time change.

How to deal with it

You should not edit the times to correct this as our systems do record your local time zone for each trip, but the user interface shows all times and dates in your current time zone.

If you correct data in a different time zone, please try to mind the time change and enter the time based on your current time zone.